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The University of South Florida (USF) Department of Anthropology Heritage Research and Resource Management lab was launched in August 2006 under the direction of Dr. Antoinette Jackson. The stated mission of the Heritage Lab is to develop applied research projects in collaboration with people, communities and civic organizations interested in preserving and promoting heritage as a key cultural resource for education and empowerment of all community residents and visitors.

Student participation is an essential strength of the lab. Since its inception the USF Heritage Research lab has provided faculty mentorship, research training, and applied anthropology experience for students at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Participants receive hands-on training and experience in solving real world challenges in the areas of heritage research, preservation, and management. They work with community partners to develop creative solutions to identified problems. For example, students have collaborated with USF faculty and community representatives to catalogue, collect, and inventory artifacts; survey and map historic cemeteries; produce websites, develop educational curriculum; research community history and collect archival data; conduct oral history and ethnographic interviews; and host public forums to present research findings.  See additional Heritage Research on iTunes U.


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