Sulphur Springs Service Learning Project 2011 Part Four

Youth Feedback

Youth Feedback. Photo by Margaret Allsopp.

During our 3rd sharing session at the Sulphur Springs Museum and Heritage Center (SSMHC), the youth shared their feelings, emotions, and thoughts about their dialogue with elders.  We wrote their ideas on chart paper.

When asked why she chose to participate in this project,  Nakesha Buie, one of the youth participants shared:

So that this generation won’t be lost.  So that someone will be able to hold it together because everybody is not making the right decisions.  So that some people can grab a hold of some kind of hope, some kind of understanding.  If it’s not me, then who else?  Somebody has to leave a good legacy of the community for the youth because a lot of our youth are not following the right path.  Who’s going to leave a good legacy? Who’s going to leave a good report about what’s going on?  Growing up in Sulphur Springs, when I first moved here, a lot of people would say ‘Oh, nothing good ever comes out of Sulphur Springs.’  I used to always hear that.  And I’m like I’m not really good at school, I’m not really good at much. But I used to go to the park and the recreation center and I used to get involved in sports and all these different things and I would always hear negative like nothing good can come out of this community.  And it’s like, I live in this community!  That means their talking about me too…but I’m doing something positive.


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