Global Citizens Program, Community Engagement, and Collaboration across USF contribute to Changes to East Tampa Retention Ponds

On October 13, 2013, the Tampa Bay Times ran a story about improvements to east Tampa retention ponds.  Many of the changes can be attributed to community engagement and collaboration between USF Anthropology, Engineering, and Geography faculty and students.  Sarina Ergas, Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator, Dept. Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of South Florida noted that improvements planned to the stormwater pond on Osborne and 30th incorporated many of the aesthetic elements that the CEE capstone design and USF Anthropology students in the Global Citizenship Program recommended.  Maya Trotz, another professor in the USF Civil & Environmental Engineering department, noted that this collaboration paved the way for more involvement between USF, city planners, and the community in order to effect additional changes to east Tampa retention ponds at the project design phase.  View Global Citizenship Program web page.

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