Homestead Bayfront Beach Project NEW!

Photo of Iyshia Lowman

Photo of Iyshia Lowman

In association with Biscayne National Park, USF graduate student Iyshia Lowman, working with the Heritage Research Lab, is gathering oral histories, photographs, and artifacts associated with Homestead Bayfront Beach during the period of the 1950s and 1960s. This project is an effort to record the history of the Homestead community as it transitioned from the period of racial segregation, characterized by Jim Crow laws, to the present. Iyshia’s project needs your help.  Go to her blog page.


  1. There was a swimming pool in Homestead in the 50’s it was located in front of the city power plant. I heard the city shut it down because they did not want to integrate the pool.
    Have you heard about this? I would have thought it would have been a big story at the time.Let me know if you can.

  2. Thank you for your interest, Denis!

    Is that the Ivey Gas Power Plant on North Flagler Ave? Or are you talking about Turkey Point? I was told of a pool on US1 and Campbell Drive, but nothing beyond its existence. There was also mention of a pool for whites on Martin Luther King Blvd across the street from apartments built for black residents. Did you mean either of these? There was only a mentioning of these pools, as I did not press for details about pools. However, I could see if I could find out more information and get back to you if you would like to leave contact information.

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