Sulphur Springs Project Introduction

Photo of Margaret Allsopp

Photo of Margaret Allsopp

The Sulphur Springs Heritage project is part of an ongoing commitment by the University of South Florida designed to address the rising interest in, and need for, heritage management by communities, civic organizations, and other groups focused on preserving the past as a key cultural resource.  My name is Margaret Allsopp and I work with the USF Heritage Research Lab and the Sulphur Springs Museum and Heritage Center to gather oral histories, photographs, and artifacts associated with Sulphur Springs and Springhill, a historic African American neighborhood that developed alongside Sulphur Springs.  My dissertation research is situated in Sulphur Springs and Spring Hill.  I am interested in exploring the possibilities that new technologies have for engaging youth in heritage research preservation.

Mann-Wagnon Park, Sulphur Springs

Mann-Wagnon Park in Sulphur Springs. Photo by Margaret Allsopp

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  1. My name is Samuel Mormon, and i lived in Sulphur Springs for about 5 years. Growing up in one of the worst low income areas in Tampa Fl was definitely ruff. I had so many experiences there, Good and bad. Watching these videos helped me learn a lot about the history of Sulphur Springs and it’s background. One thing that really caught me by surprise was knowing that there was another area called “Spring Hill” and how it was divided between “Sulphur Spring’s” with whites and blacks. I’m so grateful that i grew up in a time that was equal, and that i had the opportunity to see my hometown transform into something much better.

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