News about SfAA Conference: USF Students excel at National Conference

USF Department of Anthropology Heritage Research Concentration does well at SfAA National Conference in Baltimore – Award Winning Posters!
Margaret Allsopp SfAA Student Poster Prize.
Elizabeth McCoy Valene Smith Tourism Poster Award.
The USF Department of Anthropology was well represented in the area of Heritage Research/Tourism at the SfAA National Conference in Baltimore, MD. Panels, papers, posters and award winners included:


Elizabeth McCoy

Elizabeth McCoy - Valene Smith Tourism Poster Award

Margaret Allsopp

Margaret Allsopp - SfAA Student Poster Prize

(F-77) FRIDAY 12:00-1:20 Peale Linking Communities to Heritage and Tourism: Sustainable Commitments in Anthropological Praxis
CHAIRS: WALLACE, Tim (NCSU) and DUGGAN, Betty (NY State Museum) ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: CASTAÑEDA, Quetzil (OSEA, Indiana U), JACKSON, Antoinette (U S Florida), RE CRUZ, Alicia (U N Texas), UNTERBERGER, Alayne (FICS)

(F-127) FRIDAY 3:30-5:20 Poe Interpreting America’s Complex Heritage: Diversifying Participation and Increasing Visitation at National Park Sites and Venues
CHAIR: JACKSON, Antoinette (U S Florida) JACKSON, Antoinette (U S Florida) Valuing Descendent Knowledge and Enhancing the Visitor Experience at the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site and Other Sites of National Heritage SAYERS, Daniel O. (American U) Cultural Heritage and Social History in a Swamp?: The Effort to Bring to Light the Diasporic History of the Great Dismal Swamp, North Carolina and Virginia DAVIS, Dana-Ain (Queens Coll) The Distance between Here and There: Getting People to the African Burial Ground National Monument BRASSARD, Lydia (Grad Ctr-CUNY) From Struggle to Ambivalence: The African Burial Ground National Monument, Lower Manhattan BEASLEY, Joy and BAILEY, Megan (Monocacy Nat’l Battlefield) Bringing the Past into the Present: Archaeology as Tool for Stewardship and Public Engagement DISCUSSANTS: HOWARD, Rosalyn (U Central Florida), FRANKLIN, John (Smithsonian Institution)

Poster participants

Iyshia Lowman (U S Florida)–Recreational segregation: Examining the impact of Jim Crow at Homestead Bayfront Beach on community identity

**Elizabeth McCoy (U S Florida) – Rethinking Florida’s State Parks: Strategies for Surviving in the “New Normal”

**Margaret Allsopp (U S Florida) –Gaining the attention of Youth in Heritage Research and Preservation— integrating Anthropology, Education, and Technology

** Conference award winners

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