Homestead Beach February visit

For this trip to Homestead I was only able to interview one person.  He happened to have worked for Miami-Dade County in the past, but is currently an artist.  Another possible interviewee stated that he may have some pictures that can be used for the project.  He is also another employee of the National Park Services.

I visited the Homestead City Hall and spoke with a worker in order to gather information in the public records as they were not available online.  She stated that Homestead Bay front Beach was not a part of the city of Homestead so they do not have any information on it.  It comes under the jurisdiction of Miami-Dade County.  I am uncertain as to how this will affect my research on Homestead’s community identity even though they are still in the same vicinity geologically.  However this should provide more avenues for finding sources especially with those bussed in from the south Miami area for swimming classes.

I also was able to speak with librarians at both the University of Miami and Florida International University about any information or artifacts that they might possess.  I was able to get some information from the librarian at UM, but what he found is not very relevant to the project.  I plan on going to Tallahassee for more archival research at the Florida Memory Project and to possibly meet with another historian, as he is a possible resource for research.

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