Homestead Beach January visit

The first two days were for participant observation and archival and library research specifically.  The third day was set for 1 interview and archival research.  I went to the Homestead library, the downtown Miami Library, and History Miami Museum to conduct archival research.  At Homestead library I was able to find some resources that depicted the beach during the 1950’s and 60’s and even a few pictures.  At the downtown Miami museum, looking through the microfilm of newspapers (Miami Herald and South Dade News Leader), I was able to find a few articles that mentioned the beach, but none that went into detail about the segregation there.  I had an appointment  History Miami to look through the archives they have for Homestead, but there was some miscommunication and she though that I meant the next day.  For the participant observation, the Rodeo parade was observed as well as the crowd and their responses to the parade.

The interview I conducted was with another Biscayne employee.  This interview went very well.  It lasted for a few minutes over an hour and all of the questions weren’t answered so another appointment was scheduled to continue.  The interview lasted longer than the others conducted, possibly because there was not an extra person and larger camera present.

In speaking with Dr. Jackson, I will attempt to fond and contact community groups for more interviews especially with other demographics, expand upon the previous interviews with second interviews, and another possible source in Tallahassee (Florida Memory Project).

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